An Opportunity to Shift

If you have ever eaten at a Chinese restaurant, you know the faded orange paper placemat. It lists the twelve Chinese zodiac animals and the characteristics of each animal followed by the years they are born. 2018 is the year of the dog. This is MY year, finally…an opportunity to shift.

Feeling Stuck and Unhappy

I spent the beginning half of “my” year, stuck and unhappy. The environment that surrounded me proved unsupportive and my relationship was at a standstill. I gained weight that was unwelcome and was in complete hiding. The sadness that built up was debilitating on every level. This felt familiar; depression has shown up several times in my life. The story remained the same; I allowed myself to believe that no one cared…that nobody cares about the submissive Chinese girl who isn’t even that smart. The docile Chinese girl who desired to be accepted by others yet wouldn’t accept herself. She didn’t deserve to be loved, liked, or cherished. I felt as if nobody showed up for me…and why would they? I didn’t even show up for myself. Fear took over my life and that was my story.

Change Your Story

My story needed to change. I needed to take control. The process was slow as I began to source myself to every book, podcast, meditation, and closest friends. Transparency became essential; I got clear on EVERYTHING in my life including my relationship and started to hold myself accountable. I developed the awareness of negative patterns that were holding me hostage, including being afraid. Facing my fears straight on was painful but the realization of staying trapped was ten times more painful. Buddha said, “Pain is certain, suffering is optional.” There are still days that remain challenging but choosing to honor myself instead of creating doubt has led me to true happiness.

Keep Your Heart Open

Yoga has been a vital part of my journey. It rarely gives me answers but the practice has always held space for me. Yoga continues to remind me to keep my heart open to the universe and to know that it’s got my back.  This year has, not only, guided me to be the person I’m meant to be but to be up to something big and bold. It has taught me that I have the power to make change and that I can fearlessly step into my greatness.

Be Ready and Rise Up

There’s no telling what the rest of the year will bring but one thing is for sure, I’m ready.  Rupi Kaur, author of milk and honey, wrote “If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise.”

So rise up my friends.  This year is our year, share your thoughts with us!