Six months ago, I was lost, searching for something to fill the void. My friend is a yoga teacher and I was super intrigued by her endless stream of videos and crazy, upside-down poses on social media. She invited me to the opening of Griffin Power Yoga.  I didn’t know if yoga was for me, but I at least wanted to understand what all the “hype” was about. My journey started that afternoon, and it continues today. 

Growing up, self-love and self-awareness were ideas that didn’t even cross my radar.   I had no idea the immense impact of my scars on my journey.  I wasn’t aware that my childhood traumas were affecting my relationships.  There was no consciousness of what I was carrying, better yet how to lay it down.  I was living in constant dysfunction, running from myself.  The very first time I stepped on my mat it all came to a screeching halt.

Yoga for me wasn’t the ticket out, but rather a ticket in. This practice taught me to look within, to connect with myself. That was exactly what I had been missing, a true connection to self.  The more I practiced, the more I began letting go, cutting the ties to the negative energy around me. Yoga taught me that even when it felt like I had no one and nothing, I had myself and that was more than enough. When I started to ground down, listen to my body, slow down, and let go, I took back control of my life. Today, being on my mat is about getting grounded; allowing myself to exist in my space and be exactly who I am without judgement.  It is a knowing that I am in control and I am enough.

Sure, yoga has taught me some really cool tricks. I have learned to stand on my head, twist my body in all kinds of crazy, cool poses.  It has given me something to share and talk about with the world; but it was never about all of that. Yoga for me is the way I have started to transform and fall back in love with my life. I am learning to be resilient, patient, quiet; to stop talking and just listen. Yoga for me is learning to accept and love myself unconditionally. Yoga for me has been an awakening, it is how I took back my power, the power of self-love.