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Class Descriptions: Click each class name to find out more.

Power Flow Heated
All levels and those looking for a challenge. A powerful, energetic vinyasa flow with an emphasis on breath and alignment. We use infrared, radiant ceiling panels to heat the room to 85 degrees plus. Get ready to sweat, have fun and tap into your deepest potential.
Flow Non-Heated
All levels, great for newbies and those who want less heat. A slower paced flow focusing on breath and alignment. The room temperature is 78 plus degrees. Expect to have fun and leave feeling renewed.
Power Flow Plus
All levels and those looking to take it up a notch. A heated power flow class interrupted with high intensity interval training. Awaken your core! The music is jammin’ so get ready to burn. Room temp is 85 degrees plus.
All levels and those looking to just chill out. A gentle practice using bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets to encourage a loving release throughout the body. The room temp is 78 plus degrees. Expect to feel deep relaxation, stress reduction and restoration.
Great for newbies and students looking to refine their practice. A vinyasa flow slowed down to bring awareness to alignment, breath and modifications. The room is around 82 degrees so new students can acclimate to the benefits of a heated practice. Learning is fun!
Community Class
This open-level vinyasa flow class supports a cause within our community. Proceeds go to a chosen community effort. This class is taught by GPY teachers, guest teachers or new teachers refining their skills. Cost per class is discounted or at times will be donation based.